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Kai-Ten Out of Ten // Osaka, Japan

“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.”

-John Steinbeck

Next stop-Osaka! Osaka is home to the Osaka Castle, which is one of Japan's most recognizable landmarks. It's one of the sites that are a must-see if you're a first time visitor to Japan like I am.

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The walk to get the the castle entrance is so peaceful and serene, I could almost disregard my backpack that I've been chucking around. I chose to backpack through Asia, so the Osprey Porter 46 has been my best friend on this trip. It was designed to specifically backpack through Asia, however I don't see why this can't be utilized for any other trips.

The handles and straps are sturdy, durable, and comfortable to hold. It's best feature is that it wears like a traditional backpack, but it opens like a suitcase. This makes everything easily accessible without having to dig down to the bottom of your backpack for your belongings. I bought mine at the REI in Huntington Beach, California so go check it out if you're interested in this type of travel! I recommend reserving it in advance since I barely snagged the last one when I called the store a week before I left.

*I'm thinking of writing a post on tips and tricks for packing light, and apps that are helpful for travel. Send me a comment on the blog or feel free to let me know on Facebook and/or Instagram (@la.vita.vivi) if this is something you'd like to see!

While you're in Japan, don't be afraid to try the drinks and snacks-even from a local Seven Eleven! In the U.S., Seven Eleven's are not really viewed as a trustworthy place to buy food, but in Japan it's a completely different story. You can pretty much pick anything that looks decent and more often than not it will surprise you. I chose this peach yogurt drink and it was so refreshing and creamy! The chunks of peaches inside were so juicy and held me over until lunch.

I apologize for not capturing better pictures of the actual castle. I wanted to absorb everything I was seeing so I put my phone away and let myself soak it in. I think that's something super important that people-myself included-forget to do while traveling. Of course, take loads and loads of pictures and record those memories. But, always try to remember that traveling is a process, a journey, and an experience so live in the moment.

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Daiki Suisan Kaiten Zushi Dotomburi is located in the Aeon City Mall on the 8th floor. Kaiten means revolving sushi, which if I'm being honest made me skeptical of the quality since in the U.S. it's not the best. However, many reviews noted that the quality was excellent and sushi-chef approved so I decided to give it a try.

I love kaiten sushi bars because of the quick access to your food. Once you sit down at the counter, you can immediately observe the options that are being carried in front of you on the conveyer belt. You pick up the options you want and start eating right away. The plate colors indicate the price of each plate, so be mindful of this if you're on a budget. This is a really fun way to try different fish, seafood, and hot items if you're still new to sushi and Japanese food in general.

These are just a couple plates that I chose, which included: tuna, raw shrimp, ikura (salmon roe), and uni (sea urchin). Ikura and uni are a little more intense in flavor and the texture can be odd to some people. I've adopted the philosophy that I'll try anything not once-but twice-so I hope this inspires you to push yourself to try foods outside of your comfort zone.

How was it, you ask?


Sushi in Japan is incredible in nearly every establishment you visit, so just pick a place that has a lot of positive reviews and you'll most likely have a great experience. Japanese people are very helpful as well so if you need verbal confirmation, kindly ask someone if they speak English and ask for a recommendation. The Google Translator app is also a great way to speak or type in something in your native language and communicate with others quickly.

I know these pictures probably made you hungry, and I wish you could be here to experience this because it's that good. For now, I'll sit with you and try to control myself because looking at this just made my stomach growl.

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