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Dim Sum Dim Yum // Hong Kong, Hong Kong

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.”

–Samuel Johnson

Dim Sum in Hong Kong is where it's AT! Dim Sum is a Chinese cuisine that focuses on small bites that you can share with the entire table. Unlike the United States, dim sum in Hong Kong is not brought around on carts because it's considered to lose its freshness. Dishes are served a la carte style, meaning that you order each dish individually and it is brought to your table.

(Click here for my post on Taiwanese dim sum at Din Tai Fung!)

We met up with our friend, Byron, again and he took us to Lo Dim. The restaurant's most famous dish was dim sum and American fusion in the form of a shrimp burger with wasabi mayonnaise. It honestly didn't look that special from the menu picture, so my expectations were low.

Wow, was I wrong.

Who knew a tiny little shrimp burger from a dim sum restaurant could be this good?!

Our second dish was chicken feet, which I've tried before back in the States. It's admittedly not my favorite dish, but I always say I'll try anything twice before forming any concrete opinions. There's a lot of small bones that you have to work through (meaning you have to spit them out while you're eating), but it's part of what makes the dish so just give it a try. It was gelatinous, chewy, and had great caramelization from the sauce.

Next was my usual go-to: shrimp dumplings with bamboo shoots. It's delicate, soft, and sweet. The shrimp are very sweet and retained their juiciness within the moist dumpling. The perfect little bite!

Another one of my favorites was the scallop dumpling with green onion. The scallops were so fresh, sweet, and scrumptious. It was served over a light soy-sauce, which added the perfect amount of salt.

We also ordered a side of bok choy since your girl needs some greens. I dipped it into the leftover soy sauce from the scallop dumplings and it was soooo yummy.

The next dish is fried tofu skins stuffed with minced pork. It's served in a celery-based broth and BOY let me tell was so savory and delicious. I personally love the flavor of cooked celery, and this met all of my celery-lover needs.

This next dish surprised me. I've had many barbecue pork buns before, but they're not usually my favorite because they're too sweet and one-note in my opinion. This one made me stop after a couple chomps with my eyes wide and jaw slightly ajar...yes, with food in my mouth still but it was an honest reaction. Even just writing about it right now brings back memories. I'll probably dream of these tonight during my flight...

After lunch Byron took us to go shopping at the Ladies' Market. There are countless stores ranging from shoes, clothes, makeup, accessories, get the point. It's amazing seeing the amount of merchandise, almost overwhelming if you look too long. Nonetheless, many of the stores carry identical items so make sure you compare prices and get the best deal.

There are many vendors selling various snacks along the Ladies' Market, but be careful. The street food scene is slowly dissipating due to low health regulations, so be wary if you want to try food outside of a reputable restaurant. If you have a friend who knows what's trustworthy, then totally go for it!

Adjacent to the Ladies' Market is one of Hong Kong's premier shopping centers: Langham Place. You could spend the majority of your day here perusing through each of the twelve floors.

Even the Information Center is beautiful! I love the attention to detail and how well-kept establishments are in Hong Kong. It really gives you that "luxury experience" even if you're just looking around.

I.T is Hong Kong's version of Nordstroms, so go here if you're looking for more higher quality, but expensive apparel.

I think Japan turned me on to arcades, and Namco is the popular one in Hong Kong. I was so tempted to find that drum game again (click here to see where I first discovered it!), but opted against it so I could treat myself to a nice dessert.

Honeymoon Dessert is known for sago, which once it's cooked resembles tapioca (boba) balls. They are opaque and white in color when they are raw, and turn clear once they are boiled. They are added to fruit puree's as a textural component.

After dessert we walked around the enormous mall, I found that there were so many different things to do in this mall that I was not used to finding in shopping centers back at home. Details like this LED rainbow staircase that changed colors...

...promotional area for the new SpiderMan movie... areas like this upside-down room...

...cafes that were decorated so cute...

...and even a spot for a quick #ootd! This entire outfit was purchased at 6ixty 8ight, a local chain similar to H&M. The clothes were extremely affordable and very stylish!

One of the most exciting places for me was Beauty Avenue. It was an entire floor dedicated to makeup and skincare products...your girl was in heaven! Brands that have a small little aisle back at home had their own stores, offering so many products that I wanted to swipe them all up.

The crowds of people don't stop once you go outside. I asked Byron if most of these people were tourists, but he said everyone in Hong Kong comes here to shop as well. It feels like you're part of a mass exodus everywhere you go in Hong Kong! For a girl who grew up in a suburban area but loves the city, this is my kind of place.

There are so many stores and adjacent malls that I can show you, but I could dedicate a whole other blog post to this. If you want a shopping destination, Hong Kong is your place to be!

Sasa is Hong Kong's version of Ulta, and where I did some major damage the first day we arrived. I'm working on a blog post covering all the amazing skincare and face masks I purchased, so stay tuned for that! Better yet, subscribe to the blog and/or leave me a comment letting me know you're interested ;)

One thing I'd like to add that I found specific to Hong Kong is how fast their escalators are! Not just in the ones in the subway stations (pictured below), but in the malls, commercial buildings, etc! I felt like I was on a fast track everywhere I went. They're so fast it kind of takes you by surprise, but it's very efficient in order to move the crowds of people quickly.

For dinner, we decided to head downstairs to the hostel's main restaurant, House 41.

The dining areas are themed differently and create a fun atmosphere!

I chose herb-roasted chicken and fries, and an avocado and fruit salad to go alongside it. You know I'm the salad monster at this point and need some greens to go with each meal!

My friend ordered carbonara pasta with mushrooms and truffle. If you're not familiar with truffle, it's an expensive fungus that has a deeper, funkier flavor similar to mushrooms. Sounds weird, but it really elevates any dish if used correctly.

Our meals also came with our choice of soup or salad (Did anyone else ever misinterpret "soup or salad" as "super salad" before?! Let me know in the comments!) and a drink! I mean, does this meal look like it came from a hostel?! I was shooketh to the core when this all came out. SO fancy, and SO yummy too!

Our last night in Hong Kong meant we had to hit up Lan Kwai Fong, or LKF, the bar and clubbing scene of the city. We met up with Byron and his two friends, Gibson and Dennis. We went to Moi for some drinks. There's also hookah available for any of you who are interested in relaxing and having a great time with your friends, old and new!

When you're ready to go back home, LKF has a great taxi line system that moved along quite quickly. That's the main take away I think I'll take from Hong Kong-everything is fast and efficient!

And that ends my time in Hong Kong! It was truly an amazing city filled with delicious food, an abundance of resources and amenities, and reconnecting with friends. Hong Kong continued to surprise me with how nice it is. I'm serious-the bathrooms, malls, etc...every public area was so well kept and it was amazing. Then again, I know there's an underside to every city so I'd love to come back one day and see more!

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Next up-Singapore! I'm almost done with this month-long journey and I have so many mixed feelings about it...I don't want it to end!

Until next time,


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